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Have some extra fun while the game is on.  Get your friends together for the game and have some fun during commercials with a game everyone can enjoy.  Football darts is played very similarly to American Football.  The thrower is trying to either move his line of scrimmage to the goal line, get within 20 yards of the goal line and hit a TD space, or get within 40 yards of the goal line and kick a FG for 3 points.  

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  • Football Darts Rules - Right Triangle Games


    The rules work very similar to American Football.


    Throwers have 4 downs (4 darts) to get a 1st down or score.  


    Throwers are trying to move the ball down the field and score a touchdown or a field goal.


    The line of scrimmage at the beginning of the game and after any score, starts at the player’s own 20 yard line.  One player decides to move left to right and the other player moves right to left.


    Throwers can only hit targets between the line of scrimmage and the scoring end zone.

    If a throw is behind the line of scrimmage, it counts as a loss of down. No gain, no loss.

    (Beginners can hit any space on the board regardless of line of scrimmage)


    1st Down - To get a 1st down, the thrower must gain at least 10 yards from the starting line of scrimmage within 4 downs.  Example: Starting line of scrimmage is Own 30, hit NO GN with 1st down dart, hit PS +10 with 2nd down dart, it is now 1st down on Own 40 yard line.


    Punting - Throwers can punt on 4th down by announcing they will be punting before the 4th down dart is thrown.  The closest yard line on the board the dart hits on the punt throw is where the opposing player will begin their offensive drive going the opposite direction.




    Touchdown - If the thrower gets enough yardage to move the line of scrimmage into the end zone, it’s a touchdown.  Example: Ball on 10 yard line, dart hits PS +10.  

    Touchdowns count as 6 points.  


    If the thrower’s line of scrimmage moves on or inside the opponent’s 20 yard line (the red zone), the thrower can attempt to hit the TD 20 space in the top and bottom corners of the endzone.


    After the touchdown, throwers can hit the FG space for 1 extra point.

    Throwers can also go for a 2 point conversion by hitting either TD spot in their correct end zone.

    (Advanced players must call which TD 20 space they are going to hit before the throw)


    Field Goal - If the thrower’s line of scrimmage moves within the opponent’s 40 yard line, the thrower can attempt to hit the field goal space in the end zone for 3 points.

    If the player misses the field goal, the opponent begins their drive on the line of scrimmage from which the FG was attempted.

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