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This game is very similar to a real game of baseball.  Teams aim to move runners around the bases and send them home to score runs.  Three outs and it's the other thrower's turn.  Nine innings will decide the winner.  Please see the "Videos" section of the website for instructions.  Darts, Instructions, and Scorecard are included.

Baseball Dartboard Value Pack - Included: 3 Darts, Shipping, Tax and more!

  • Runners move around like regular baseball. I always try to design my dart games as close to the real game as possible.  Each time you get a base hit, all runners move the same number of bases.  Say you get a single then a double, you would have runners on 2nd and 3rd.  If you get a double then another double you would drive in the guy on 2nd base and score a run.  The balls and strikes work just like a normal batter 4 balls you get walked and get a new runner on first.  3 strikes without throwing an out or a hit you would get an out.  One player throws until they get 3 outs then its the other players turn.  9 innings to see who is the winner.  I am working on scoreboards too which will be chalk board and chalk.  There will be an outline of a baseball field then you could chalk where your runners are.  There will also be a spots to mark balls, strikes, runs, etc.  The scoreboards will come as a separate piece or I'm designing a cabinet that will hinge around and cover the board and when you open it there will be a spot to hold darts on the left inside and a scoreboard on the right inside.  The great thing about my games is that you can always think up your own rules and play however you want!  Just have fun!

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