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Everything that is included: Dartboard, 5 Darts, Shipping, Tax, 2 screws for installation, and Installation Instructions!
Darts stick with ease! These handmade poker dartboards combine sturdy construction, functional art, and fun. These boards are built to last but are also hang-able, use-able, interesting art. Metal tip darts stick easily ranging from the rocket arm to the gentle arch throw. Play standard Five Card Stud, Seven Card Stud, even Texas Hold'em Check out the video or come up with your own rules. Careful planning of the card layout makes this board very challenging and if your aim is off just a little bit it could ruin your poker hand. These boards are also great conversation starters. Solid wood and cork construction leaves no chance of the dart going through the back of the board. The back panel and side borders line up flush on the back. Well built, extremely fun game that will make you want to play for hours!

Poker Dartboard Value Pack - Included: 5 Darts, Shipping, Tax and more!

  • Darts will stick in the board with very minimal throwing speed and also stick when using very fast throwing speed.  2 ft by 2 ft construction allows the board to fit in most dart cabinets assuming the opening measures over 2 feet or 24 inches wide and tall.  Sturdy construction mixed with art mixed with fun!

  • Feel free to return products but you will be responsible for return shipping costs.

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