Everything that is included: Dartboard, 5 Darts, Shipping, Tax, 2 screws for installation, and Installation Instructions!
Darts stick with ease! Extremely fun you will be playing for hours! Switch up the rules or view our game ideas page. Game ideas page included with every purchase. Solid wood and cork construction. No plastic or magnets here!

Blackjack Dartboard Value Pack - Included: 5 Darts, Shipping, Tax and more!

  • This is a sturdy 2 ft by 2 ft real wood and real cork dartboard meant to be used with metal tipped darts.  Darts will stick in the board with very minimal throwing speed and also stick when using very fast throwing speed.  2 ft by 2 ft construction allows the board to fit in most dart cabinets assuming the opening measures over 2 feet or 24 inches wide and tall.  Sturdy construction mixed with art mixed with fun!

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All boards built in Roanoke, VA USA

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