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A great dart game for us basketball lovers! Playing basketball my whole life inspired the design with a basketball players viewpoint in mind. Choose your two colors and e-mail them to me or send a message from the "Contact Us" section. I will do my best to match your colors as closely as I can. THANKS! Please see "Product Info" section for instructions and abbreviation descriptions. Plain basketball darts (no colors) is also available. This game is an exclusive Right Triangle Games design.

Basketball Dartboard Value Pack - Included: 3 Darts, Shipping, Tax and more!

  • I.  General Instructions: Think of how you play regular basketball; I designed this game to stay as close to the real rules as a dart basketball game can get.  Players only shoot at their team’s side of the board/basket.  Below are abbreviation meanings: Follow top to bottom you should have a great time. Feel free to come up with your own rules and other games (Three Point Shootout, Free Throw Contest, Around The World). Enjoy!

    II.  JMP

      A.  Both players get one throw to see who is closest to the center.  That’s how to start the game and decide the first thrower. 

      B.  If hit during normal possession, both throw to decide possession.

        1.  Just like regular basketball

    III.  2 and 3

      A.  Two or Three points, change of possession.

    IV.  FOUL

      A.  Enter “Foul Mode”

        1.  Exactly two more throws, thrower can score on either FT MK spaces on either side of the board.

    V.  FT MK and FT MS

      A.  FT MK

        1.  One Point, thrower gets one more throw to try to hit another FT MK, make or miss possession changes following second throw.

      B.  FT MS

        1.  Counts as a missed foul shot, no points, thrower gets one more throw to hit a FT MK, make or miss possession changes following second throw.


      A.  Airball – Turnover, Change of possession.

      B.  Try not to heckle the other player for too long after their throw, you might hit it sometime too.

    VII.  CLANK RB (Clank City Version)

      A.  Missed shot but thrower gets the rebound.  Throw again.

    VIII.  DUNK 2 (Dunkalicious Version)

      A.  Nice Dunk! Two points.  Change of possession.


      A.  Nice pass, throw again.


      A.  Bad pass turnover. Change of possession.

    XI.  BANK 2

      A.  Nice bank shot, two points. Change of possession.


      A.  You missed a shot badly off the backboard, turnover. Change of possession.


      A.  You threw the ball out of bounds, turnover. Change of possession.


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